Group Classes FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule Classes?

You will need to create an account here: Register Online
You will be sent login and payment information via email.
Schedule your classes through our online schedule.

Something came up! Can I skip a class?

Absolutely! You maintain your schedule. If you need to cancel a class, go to your Agenda and cancel it. Your credit will be refunded to use at another time.

I don’t see “Sit” and “Down” on the Class behaviors list. Why not?

Your dog already knows how to “sit” and “down.” They do it naturally throughout the day. You will receive instructions to teach these basic behaviors at Orientation. Our classes are designed as the next step. We teach attention and control for behaviors that dogs don’t necessarily do naturally.

I’ve tried the clicker before and didn’t really like it. Do I have to use it?

We don’t make you do anything you’re not comfortable with. The clicker simply bypasses the need to teach the dog our language before training can begin. We encourage you to try it again, but we can discuss alternative markers with you if you’re uncomfortable with the clicker.

I don’t like training with so many treats. Do I have to use them?

Dogs need to eat. It’s actually better for your dog if they have to earn a portion of their daily calories by working for them. Dogs need to learn how to learn and food is the fastest way to do that. As you and your dog progress in the classes, you will begin to learn about training with non-food reinforcement. Non-food reinforcement isn’t something dogs are born knowing, so it will need to be trained like any other skill to be effective.

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