Give your dog a great series of foundation skills.

*Settle with distractions.

*Stay until released.

*Walking by distractions.

Level 1 Class: Fundamental Skills

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Designed to give beginner dogs and puppies foundation skills and to be well behaved doggy citizens.

This class covers:
~ Settle on a mat
~ Attention and focus
~ Down
~ Stay until released
~ Come
~ Leave It
~ Loose Leash Walking

The difficulty of these skills will increase each week. Keeping up with homework is recommended.

While we think socialization is an important experience and skill, this is not a social play class. Dogs will learn to control themselves around other dogs and strangers while on leash.

We recommend that as many household members come to class as possible. Everyone will get the opportunity to work with their dog and have the opportunity to ask questions. Having the whole family be consistent with house rules and behavior cues will decrease your dog's confusion and frustration.


Dogs should be up to date on vaccinations or have proof of titer tests.


4 or 6 foot leash, a thin mat or towel, pea-sized soft treats.


This class meets one hour a week for 5 weeks.

Price: $150 per dog

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Our Staff

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