Quiz Answers

Dogs see in black and white, not color.
False. Dogs see in limited color, about equal to a color blind human.

A wagging tail always means a dog is friendly.
False. Speed of the wag, height of the tail, and other body positions are important to take into consideration.

Puppies need to be taught where to go potty.
True. If puppies had their way they would relieve themselves wherever the need hits.

All dogs need daily walks.
False. For some dogs walking in public areas can be scary. Exercise should not cause stress. Creating a better activity plan can help other behavior problems.

Dogs only pant when it's hot and they've exercised.
False. Panting can also be a sign of stress and pain.

Fearful behaviors include barking and lunging.
True. Barking and lunging can be distance increasing behaviors due to fear. "I'm big and scary, now go away."

A dog's thyroid can be damaged by a collar.
True. The thyroid is located at the front of the neck where the collar hits. You can read the studies in this article of Whole Dog Journal.

Pain can cause aggression.
True. Bodily discomfort can cause the dog to guard their body from touching.

All dogs have high prey drive.
False. Different breeds and different individuals within each breed can have different drive levels.

Displacement behaviors...
Happen when a dog is confused or conflicted. These behaviors include sniffing, walking away, scratching, and drinking water.

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