San Gabriel Dog Training

Our Private Dog Training Services:

  • In-Home dog training
  • In-Public dog training
  • Day training (We train your dog, you sit and have a glass of wine.)
  • Puppy training
  • Competition “fix it” sessions and advice
  • Relationship and activity building
  • Hiking dog outfitting
  • Pre-adoption assessment
  • DIY Service Dog training
  • Clicker foundation skills.

Who is training for?

Individuals, families, competitors and groups of friends.
Dogs with behavior issues that aren’t appropriate in a Group Class.

Will you train my dog for me?

Absolutely! Day training services are available for In-Home and In-Public training sessions.

Do you work with seniors?

We love working with both senior dogs and senior owners. Senior dogs may have special needs as their mobility and senses diminish. Senior owners have special needs, either training their dog to assist them in some activities or learning to travel with calmness and ease. We can help with all of these issues.

What are your fees?

Introduction & Single Hours
One 2 hour Introduction – $150
Single Hour Follow-up – $90
Don’t know what you need or for how long? Purchase single hours instead of the packages below.

Purchase Single Hours

Purchase Introduction

Purchase a Family Pack

Family Pack
One 2 hour Introduction and Six 30 minute follow up sessions – $400

Designed for the busy working family with limited time and have difficulty getting to the typical hour long class. Start with a 90 minute Introduction Session where we will assess problem areas, set goals, design a training plan and set up a training schedule that everyone can follow. Follow up with six 30 minute sessions to evaluate how training is going, make changes and set more advanced goals.


Purchase Day Training

In-Home Day training service
One 2 hour Introduction and Six 1 hour weekly follow up sessions – $800

Would you like someone else to train your dog then show you how to cue the dog to do things? In-Home Day Training is for you! We’ll do a 90 minute meet and greet session to get to know your dog and your goals and set up a training plan. We will then visit your home and train your dog to meet your goals. We will video our training sessions, leave a report card for how things are progressing, and provide instructions for you to use the training we’ve done right away.


Purchase Semi-private classes

Semi-private classes
Six 1 hour weekly classes – $600

Do you have a few friends that also need some help with their dogs? Host semi-private classes in your home or yard! The cost is split among your friends, so you all get one-on-one time without having to pay the cost of full private training. Semi-private classes are great for foundation skills and working on attention and relaxing in a less stimulating environment than public classes. Semi-private classes are limited to 4 participants, which allows group instruction and one-on-one time without anyone feeling rushed.

Keep up to date on classes and specials!

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