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Private Instruction Packages

Puppy Training

Puppy Pack

Puppies have special needs. Let's work on potty training, sleeping, biting and socialization in a program designed for you.

Family Dog Training

Family Pack

Whether introducing a new family member or helping an existing dog build lifestyle skills, this package keeps it in the family.

Reactive Dog Training


Reactivity is emotional behavior that manifests due to fear, guarding, or frustration. Your dog must feel safe. We'll help.

Day Training Packages

Fearful Dog

Behavior Modification

Do you have a reactive dog that you're having a hard time working with on your own? We offer Day Training for that.

Puppy Class

Socialization / Enrichment

Do you have a dog that needs more than just a walk and a pet while you're gone? We offer Day Training for that.

Group Classes

Our Staff

Level 1

The class is for the beginning learner. Designed to give beginner dogs foundation and learning skills.

Level 2

Take your training to the next level! We’ll work on advanced skills like working with distractions and at distance.

Monrovia Therapy Dogs

Level 3

Therapy Dog testing and preparation. We'll work on the Advanced and Urban Canine Good Citizenship skills.

Focused Workshops

Turning Down

Rocket Recall

Want your dog to “come” faster than a speeding bullet? Come work on Rocket Recalls!

Loose Leash Walking


Designed for dogs that just need some help with attention and walking nicely.

Street Smarts

Street Smarts

Designed to help dogs meet strangers nicely and settle in pubic places like parks and outdoor cafes.

Special Services

Featured Post

DIY Service Dogs

Helping DIY Service Dog trainers with training plans, special needs, and creating an individual training community.

Dog Toy Pounce

Phone & Skype

Not local? We offer phone consultations for other trainers and individuals as well as "in person" webcam training sessions.

Therapy Dog Team

Therapy Dogs

We have a local group of Therapy Dogs that visits local hospitals and assistance living facilities. Already certified? Join us!


Therapy Dog Testing

Find out what the test items are for your dog to become a certified Therapy Dog. Tests are offered monthly.

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